Everything You Need to Know About Dying Your Hair Grey

I did it! I dyed my hair grey. Though I’ve been coloring my hair for the better part of 16 years, Grey was way more work than I had expected. Same goes with other trendy hair colors like rose gold and lavender.

Here’s what you should know about dying your hair grey, how to keep it perfect, or maybe help you decide whether or not to do it too. (Psttt, do it)

Look at that perfect balayage

Balayage Base

My hair was lightened first, my colorist uses the balayage technique to hand paint bleach into my hair. This gives a gradient hombre effect instead of harsh roots. Your hair must be light to color these new tones, but please be weary of who does your hair. Do your research, ask for pictures of similar colors and work they’ve done, if they can’t show you, don’t let them near you. Better yet, if you’re near Boulder just go to Grace she is the best!

Selecting the Color Tone

You know how there’s like a million types of white tones and shadesfor paint? Like polar white, or all those other weird names…. hair color is very similar. Ask your colorist which tones they think are best for your complexion, face shape, and bring pictures of what you want. I chose to go with an ashy blonde grey to make maintinence easier. Plus it wasn’t far from my blonde comfort zone and ash is great for yellow toned skin(that’s me)!


Trendy colors are not, repeat, NOT long lasting. So, what do you do?

Invest in shampoo. Washing pulls out color, it’s inevitable, so I wash my hair every 3 days, and use dry shampoo in between. My favorite is the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo in Light. It’s worth the coin. Another more affordable one I love is Batiste Dry Shampoo

To protect your grey hair, use a toned shampoo that will deposit color and protect it. For grey, my hair gal recommended L’anza Healing Haircare in Silver Brightening. I’ve barely dented the bottle and it was super affordable. Find it at beauty supply stores.

WHEN Color Fades

Your color is going to fade, even with the best color. Mine lasted two short weeks. Thats not very long peoples- and my hair started looking brassy! Luckily my angel of a stylist sent me her grey hair secret recipe to touch up from home… which is 2k miles from her. Check out the hair recipe below, not for consumption obvis.

Note,there are many great brands of color and tones, but be sure to buy the same brand for your toner and developer or they will not work together. I.e. Colormatrix toners with the colormatrix developer. Mine turned out great and it saved me a trip to the salon with an angry toddler I call my sweet child. 


In the direct sunlight, like above, the color is more of an ashy blonde. 

This picture is actually the same color. Evening lighting brings out the grey tones. I’m also obsessed with this super cute and warm Puma hat. 


I loved dying my hair grey! It wasn’t super obvious in daytime, so I wasn’t the odd mom picking the kids up at school. It isn’t a color I’ll have to strip and fix. I’d definitely do it again!

What do you think? Have you tried these trendy new colors, or thought about doing it? Let me know or & tag me in your Instagram photo! Find me on Instagram here -> Instagram & on Facebook <-.




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