Drugstore Makeup I Secretly Love

Drugstore makeup… Where do I start? A lot of it sucks. Some of it doesn’t. Some of those products, however, are unknown gems.

Granted, I can direct you to the best brand for whatever you need, but not everyone has that type of budget. Regardless of the size of your wallet, you deserve to look like a makeup artist with contoured cheeks too. So where do you start?

I introduce you to the lesser known miracle workers … MascaraBrat used and approved drugstore makeup. Behold my beauties, and how to use them like a pro.

Highlighting & Contouring

I almost forgot how much I LOVED these babies- Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer sticks. They won’t cover your lack of sleep, but they contour and highlight like a boss. They blend into a natural look pretty quickly too, bonus.

DO- Use a light layer and blend out with a sponge. Use a highlight shade one step below your tone and a contour shade two shades darker than your tone. I use Radiant and Beige. 

DON’T-Add too much or the color will migrate. Don’t forget to dab off excess product with a clean sponge, that will also keep product from creasing into any lines.

Setting Spray

Please don’t make me say it. Okay, I.LIKE.IT.BETTER.THAN.MAC’S. For a youthful glow, Hard Candy Fast Fabulous makes the $6 so so worth it. It makes powders and foundation look more like skin, can’t beat that. 

Do- Use just a small amount. Hold the bottle 6 inches from your face. Dab problem areas with a beauty blender before the spray dries. (My face makeup likes to cluster between my eyes and brows, just work it into the skin with gentle pressure in those areas and fixed.) 

DON’T- Use too much. Your skin will feel tight and look excessively shiny. It shouldn’t ever be dripping. You want that Doll perfection, not plastic shine. 

Bronzer Baby

Yes, this is a contour pallet, but that bottom left shade by Elf, is so perfectly warm and peachy. It’s a beautiful glowy color that I reach for all the time. 

DO- Use a soft bristled, but smaller brush to apply precisely for best color results. Stick to the very top of the forehead, and just at and below the cheek bone. Because this is a warm tone, do not contour with this shade(not below cheek bone).

DON’T- Use too much. This product has a very warm tone that is not meant for all over the face.


…speaking of brushes, this is one of my favorites. Like… I couldn’t say that it’s my number one favorite, the same way we’re not supposed to favor our children, because all of my brushes are special in their own way. But…

Eco Tools, $3.99!!!!! $3.99!! There are some variations from my old, should be retired, version. If you have a keen eye you’ll notice that this baby is in all of my videos. All. Of. Them. 

DO- Whatever you want with this brush, I’ve used it for powder, bronzer, even liquid foundation.

DON’T- Use it for eyeshadow though, its large. This may be self explanatory but I’d hate for you to buy it and, well you get where I’m going with this.

What is your favorite drug store product? Let me know in the comments below!

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Xo, Mascarabrat


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