Winter Makeup Tips

The winter is beautiful & snowy. A cozy time to wear sweaters while you sip your hot chocolate (spiked or not), and my favorite, more time stuck inside to play with makeup! 

However, winter brings out the worst traits of your skin. It gets dry, red, flares up; basically your skin’s version of being a hot mess. 

The truth is that makeup can’t hide the texture & what lies beneath. Go ahead and toss out those foundations that promise moisture & healing as well. Here are the best products to keep your skin FLAWLESS, for the perfect makeup canvas all winter long. 

                       Tone Baby, Tone

Tea Tree Water Toner from Lush. I fell in love with this product when I had to run out of the house sans makeup. My skin was red and blotchy. I spritzed this beauty on my face (from my husband’s kit bag) and my redness was gone by the time I hit the car. For $10.95, it’s fantastic. Also, minimizing redness means less coverage is necessary with your foundation. Overall, a win win for more natural looking makeup. 


  Say it with me — MOI-Stur-ize!

This has been my go to product in my bag for two years now, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and it keeps my eczema at bay. Divine is by an MLM company named Younique, but their shipping is super speedy. Under $40, the tube will last you several months and it’s light weight wearing too. Bonus, it won’t leave residue that can mess up makeup. 

Moisturizing is the number one step for perfect makeup. It plays a key roll as a primer too. But what if you have combination or oily skin? Oils are usually the skin’s response to dryness (the skin’s attempt to correct it). Do not skip this step!                                                            


If you haven’t used a high quality primer, you have nooooooo idea how much better your makeup could look. It’s game changingly amazing and you won’t think twice about purchasing a quality one again. 

Winter skin, I’ll call it, can dramatically enhance the appearance of our aging face-say it ain’t so! But often times the lack of humidity and harsh air can bring out dark spots, bags, fine lines and other not so fun skin qualities. Yes, lines are beautiful because they came from days and memories, but I’d rather keep those to myself. A high quality primer locks in your moisturizer, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, helps coat dry patches, and creates the illusion of baby butt smooth skin under your foundation. It also locks in makeup, and increases wear time of makeup by up to 2x longer.

Basically, your face becomes a better canvas for makeup to glide over.

 Veil, by Hourglass, is personally my favorite product on the market. Another light wear product, it feels like satin, has light reflectors to blur the appearance of darker areas, and feels like an angel just blessed your face.  So soft. It dries to a powdery texture without the drying factor powder gives off. That makes your foundation stick way longer, and coverage increase by ten folds. It retails for $54 but a little goes a very long way. 

SmashBox Photo Finish is a close second, it has a thicker formula so you will need to use up to two or three pea sized dots just to cover your face. It feels soft and outperforms most other brands on the market. I wasn’t impressed with the other types from this line, just the photo finish. Retailing at $34, your skin will look glorious. However, if you break down cost per use, if you can, reach for Hourglass.

Follow these steps and your makeup will be glorious and natural looking. Remember, there is no substitute for skin prep and love. Your face is the most beautiful canvas and deserves it. 

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Xo – MascaraBrat 


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