Kiss & Dismiss Debut


                                                                   Kiss & Dismiss Debut

This blog continues to escape me, but I’m confident that now is the best time to reveal the long planned workings I’ve had banging around in my head. Introducing!!! …..Kiss & Dismiss ❤️! 

I have spent the majority of three months purchasing and testing makeup, some I buy, some were sent to me for free through companies. I hadn’t had time to video lately. If you follow me on social media, you would know that we packed up the family and moved to Boston! Unfortunately, all of my video equipment is also in storage. 

I have so many products built up that I need to scream to the rooftops about! Also, some that I caution against. So I developed the new MascaraBrat series-ta- da! Kiss & Dismiss is purely product reviews: whether to kiss them and add them to your collection, or dismiss them and avoid wasting your money on sad, sad, products.

Stay tuned, follow, & sign up for email updates! The first edition posts tomorrow(ish I’ve got 3 kids my schedule is ish)! *squeeeeee*

Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram  Facebook because .. realistically, who knows where I’ll be spewing about makeup next lol. 


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