Colourpop VS BH Cosmetics:Kiss & Dismiss

I have such a love affair with red lipstick. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing; you could be dressed in a trash bag, and somehow, your red lipstick creates the illusion of class. Sort of. 

The problem is that red lips can go seriously wrong throughout the day. If it smears, you suddenly look like a ‘lady of the evening’. It’s also hard to reapply on the go, you have to apply it with precision. Entering- matte liquid lipstick.

Liquid lipstick, if you aren’t familiar, dries to create a non-transfer lip color. It is way longer lasting than traditional lipstick. It goes on like a gloss & sets to matte magic. Some perform better than others. Colourpop and BH Cosmetics are huge right now, especially due to their affordability. 

So which do I kiss and which do I dismiss? 

BH Cosmetics in shade glory has a deeper hue, and is slightly pinkish. It costs more than Colourpop, but they post some great sales. 

Colourpop’s creeper is their best shade of true red. Especially because it has slight yellow undertones, instead of blue- which can take you from classy to clownish looking in a hot minute. 

The big difference between the two are the textures and consistency of the liquids. Colourpop has a more watery formula before drying, and BH is creamier. The problem I have with BH is that it doesn’t last as long, it’s easier to re-apply, but after about 4 hours it’s flaking and crumbling off. If you reapply a third time, the whole lip starts to crumble. It’s better to just baby wipe the whole thing off and start over. 

Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks last significantly longer, about 6 hours with careful eating and drinking. You also need to work quickly with the application because you don’t want to go over an area that has already dried. It will look too thick. Don’t add a second coat, just remove the color if you need to correct an oops or redo it mid-day.

You can pretty confidently drink wine and coffee (important diet staples know) with both brands, but it will smear if you rub them. So … no lovey-Dovey makeout sessions with the beau while wearing these. 

Both products oxidize and darken, the same goes with their pink shades. When purchasing a color, keep that in mind. I have a whole post ready for y’all with their other colors but that’s for another day. 

So, for the winner? It is a clear choice. 

Colourpop’s red just looks better on. Because the formula is thinner, it’s a lighter, more comfortable wear. It’s a perfect opaque coverage and color without a significant texture . 

Wearing Colourpop Creeper

Tell me your thoughts, have you tried the brand’s makeup? Would you kiss/ Dismiss? 👇🏼tell me below!

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2 thoughts on “Colourpop VS BH Cosmetics:Kiss & Dismiss

  1. beautyholics101 says:

    I love red lipstick too it always can pull a look together. This is such a unique and cool post, I had a good read. I have never tried Bh cosmetics lip products but maybe I wasn’t missing too much!


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