Never Buy the Wrong Makeup Colors Again

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Remember when you bought that really pretty lipstick, got all the way home, only to find that the color didn’t look right? Your heart broke a little bit inside. You probably bought a couple similar shades, only to leave them all in the back of your drawer, by themselves all lonely and such. It wasn’t the color that was wrong, it was the undertone in the product. The tone didn’t match your skin’s.

There is a magical trick to buying the right color, with the right tone, online or in store. Yep. It also works on eyeshadow, foundation, blush, you name it. Clothing too- but, that really isn’t my department because my clothing generally consists of different shades of black. 

Finding Your Tone

Here is how it is done. First look down at your under arm.


If your veins are Green, your skin tone is Yellow 

If your Veins are Blue, your skin tone is Pink

Find your tone below…

Pink Tones

Pink / Cool Tone

Take a look at the two first red shades. Red lipsticks are the most commonly abused when it comes to finding the wrong tones. Notice the orange hue in the ‘wrong’ red. If you find yourself looking at colors, the trick is to find the warmest ‘wrong’ shade for you to place side by side with prospect colors. The contrast of warm tone against other colors will help you spot the cool tones you want. Go for silvers in eye shadows.


Pink Tones

Warm / Yellow Tone

You may not look yellow, it is just an undertone. This guide above will help tremendously with reds, but pinks and purples can be difficult to spot. With pinks, avoid mauve- it is your first clue to blue tones that you want to avoid. When shopping, find the most blue-toned color you see (the wrong one) and place it side by side with prospect colors. The comparison ‘clash’ with the warm tones you are looking for. Go for greens, not blues, choose golds, not silvers.Warm

Shopping Online

Finding your color online is much easier than in store. In store, the lighting can make it harder to see undertones in products. Online, they have detailed product information. When in doubt, take to the internet to do your makeup shopping. Typically, descriptions will flat out say warm or cool. Online store photos make it easier to see the undertone. You can also google the color, the brand, and the word “swatch”.

Example: Younique Corrupt Eyeshadow Swatch

If you find yourself stuck, just send me a message. I am always here to help. So excited for my next post of real makeup for real women. Follow me in my social below. Do you have a helpful tip?- Comment below!


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