All That Glitters.. No Matter How Old

3 Ways to Rock Glitter After 30

“I need help with colors, but no shimmer because I’m not 13 anymore.”

I hear this left and right, but it is completely false! It has a lot to do with how you are using it for your skin type – aka age. Chances are that you have tried some of the makeup tricks and trends you see online, and some of them may have not looked quite right. The internet and beauty industry love to show makeup on perfect, flawless, ageless skin. The biggest problem is that the majority of us are looking for REAL solutions when it comes to our makeup, and NO ONE is speaking out about real issues. Whether it is disguising lines, bags that appeared after baby, or bringing back that youthful look we once had, you bet it, I’m bringing it. Expect a lot of it, makeup for WOMEN. Today we start with my personal favorite; three ways to rock glitter after 30. 

glitter lid

Below the Crease

Below the crease and across the lid, is such an easy, stunning, way to wear shimmer shades. To do it correctly, pay attention to colors that are complimentary to your eyes and skin tones. For instance, blue eyes, go silvery. Brown or green eyes, use purple, pink, or gold shimmers. When using white- do not grab for that stark, just bleached, linen look. Instead, pull for a cream with a warm hue such as peach or cream. For bold looks, stick with browns that work for you. This is much like the lipstick rule- pick one or the other. If you use shimmer or glitter here- DON’T USE IT ANYWHERE ELSES.

glitter nails

Subtle Nail Shine 

(photo credit to All Lacquered Up)

With nails, think consistent, muted, and fine-grained. Avoiding chunky glitter gives the polish a … well.. polished look. Stay classy with natural tones that don’t pop too much. For olive skin tones, go for coral colors such as a coral peach. For pink skin tones, reach for a champagne or rose-pink.

highlight location

Highlight Baby, Highlight!

Okay, so we are talking about breaking rules… but highlight has some simple rules. You want to look like angelic goddess meets chic walking around with the perfect lighting. That really, in all essence, is what highlighting is about. Before you slam on your breaks, this is fool-proof.

E.Z.P.Z Guide:

-Find your face shape above. The purple areas are where you apply highlight.

(It’s simple really.. the different locations are meant to soften, lift, and real life-photoshop our face. Highlighter pulls the eyes and light to where we want it.)

– Use a fluffy brush to softly add highlighter.

-Use a highlighter without glitter flecks and specks. Think angelic shining, fine shimmer.

My favorite Highlighter is in the Younique Contour kit. The pallet is customizable by shades light, medium, or dark, which you don’t find elsewhere. You can order yours by clicking here – – – Contour Kit by Younique

Super excited to bring you all more Makeup Over 30! Stay posted & remember that I’m ALWAYS here to help you! Any makeup questions you have, feel free to send me a PM on social or by commenting below.


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