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MUST HAVE ALERT! Koolaburra by Ugg

How am I JUST seeing these? Be still my heart. Check out the new Ugg boot, Koolaburra by Ugg!
So what are they? I did some quick research and here’s what I found.

Koolaburra was another Australian boot company that rivaled Ugg for years. It appears that Ugg brand acquired Koolaburra, then released these cool dual branded babies. Oh and did I talk about the benefits? You’re going to love this.

The Koolaburras retail for as low as $90 for a tall woman’s boot. You.can.buy.uggs.for.$90!

Don’t believe me? Check out this link for their beautiful black bow version, the Koolaburra Victoria Tall.

What’s Different?

  • The Classic ugg boasts wool insoles where the Koolaburra detailed a foam insole.
  • Koolaburra can be found at an amazing $70 less than the Classic Ugg.
  • Both products are now made in China.
  • Koolaburra has a cow suede upper, Ugg is made from only sheep skin.
  • Koolaburra versions clearly label the difference on the back tag.


Personally, I’m ordering a pair in the near future. I love the pop out fur side, the feminine yet not-too-young bows, and the new branding. They also have Mini versions and the Classic original look. I absolutely love and rely on my Ugg boots to keep my toes warm all winter, and trust the brand’s quality, so I’m not worried about the differences. Though the tag displays the new branding, I think it is cool! Who doesn’t love new fashion.

What do you think about the new Koolaburra spin off? Have you given them a test run? Comment below!

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Everything You Need to Know About Dying Your Hair Grey

I did it! I dyed my hair grey. Though I’ve been coloring my hair for the better part of 16 years, Grey was way more work than I had expected. Same goes with other trendy hair colors like rose gold and lavender.

Here’s what you should know about dying your hair grey, how to keep it perfect, or maybe help you decide whether or not to do it too. (Psttt, do it)

Look at that perfect balayage

Balayage Base

My hair was lightened first, my colorist uses the balayage technique to hand paint bleach into my hair. This gives a gradient hombre effect instead of harsh roots. Your hair must be light to color these new tones, but please be weary of who does your hair. Do your research, ask for pictures of similar colors and work they’ve done, if they can’t show you, don’t let them near you. Better yet, if you’re near Boulder just go to Grace she is the best!

Selecting the Color Tone

You know how there’s like a million types of white tones and shadesfor paint? Like polar white, or all those other weird names…. hair color is very similar. Ask your colorist which tones they think are best for your complexion, face shape, and bring pictures of what you want. I chose to go with an ashy blonde grey to make maintinence easier. Plus it wasn’t far from my blonde comfort zone and ash is great for yellow toned skin(that’s me)!


Trendy colors are not, repeat, NOT long lasting. So, what do you do?

Invest in shampoo. Washing pulls out color, it’s inevitable, so I wash my hair every 3 days, and use dry shampoo in between. My favorite is the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo in Light. It’s worth the coin. Another more affordable one I love is Batiste Dry Shampoo

To protect your grey hair, use a toned shampoo that will deposit color and protect it. For grey, my hair gal recommended L’anza Healing Haircare in Silver Brightening. I’ve barely dented the bottle and it was super affordable. Find it at beauty supply stores.

WHEN Color Fades

Your color is going to fade, even with the best color. Mine lasted two short weeks. Thats not very long peoples- and my hair started looking brassy! Luckily my angel of a stylist sent me her grey hair secret recipe to touch up from home… which is 2k miles from her. Check out the hair recipe below, not for consumption obvis.

Note,there are many great brands of color and tones, but be sure to buy the same brand for your toner and developer or they will not work together. I.e. Colormatrix toners with the colormatrix developer. Mine turned out great and it saved me a trip to the salon with an angry toddler I call my sweet child. 


In the direct sunlight, like above, the color is more of an ashy blonde. 

This picture is actually the same color. Evening lighting brings out the grey tones. I’m also obsessed with this super cute and warm Puma hat. 


I loved dying my hair grey! It wasn’t super obvious in daytime, so I wasn’t the odd mom picking the kids up at school. It isn’t a color I’ll have to strip and fix. I’d definitely do it again!

What do you think? Have you tried these trendy new colors, or thought about doing it? Let me know or & tag me in your Instagram photo! Find me on Instagram here -> Instagram & on Facebook <-.



Drugstore Makeup I Secretly Love

Drugstore makeup… Where do I start? A lot of it sucks. Some of it doesn’t. Some of those products, however, are unknown gems.

Granted, I can direct you to the best brand for whatever you need, but not everyone has that type of budget. Regardless of the size of your wallet, you deserve to look like a makeup artist with contoured cheeks too. So where do you start?

I introduce you to the lesser known miracle workers … MascaraBrat used and approved drugstore makeup. Behold my beauties, and how to use them like a pro.

Highlighting & Contouring

I almost forgot how much I LOVED these babies- Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer sticks. They won’t cover your lack of sleep, but they contour and highlight like a boss. They blend into a natural look pretty quickly too, bonus.

DO- Use a light layer and blend out with a sponge. Use a highlight shade one step below your tone and a contour shade two shades darker than your tone. I use Radiant and Beige. 

DON’T-Add too much or the color will migrate. Don’t forget to dab off excess product with a clean sponge, that will also keep product from creasing into any lines.

Setting Spray

Please don’t make me say it. Okay, I.LIKE.IT.BETTER.THAN.MAC’S. For a youthful glow, Hard Candy Fast Fabulous makes the $6 so so worth it. It makes powders and foundation look more like skin, can’t beat that. 

Do- Use just a small amount. Hold the bottle 6 inches from your face. Dab problem areas with a beauty blender before the spray dries. (My face makeup likes to cluster between my eyes and brows, just work it into the skin with gentle pressure in those areas and fixed.) 

DON’T- Use too much. Your skin will feel tight and look excessively shiny. It shouldn’t ever be dripping. You want that Doll perfection, not plastic shine. 

Bronzer Baby

Yes, this is a contour pallet, but that bottom left shade by Elf, is so perfectly warm and peachy. It’s a beautiful glowy color that I reach for all the time. 

DO- Use a soft bristled, but smaller brush to apply precisely for best color results. Stick to the very top of the forehead, and just at and below the cheek bone. Because this is a warm tone, do not contour with this shade(not below cheek bone).

DON’T- Use too much. This product has a very warm tone that is not meant for all over the face.


…speaking of brushes, this is one of my favorites. Like… I couldn’t say that it’s my number one favorite, the same way we’re not supposed to favor our children, because all of my brushes are special in their own way. But…

Eco Tools, $3.99!!!!! $3.99!! There are some variations from my old, should be retired, version. If you have a keen eye you’ll notice that this baby is in all of my videos. All. Of. Them. 

DO- Whatever you want with this brush, I’ve used it for powder, bronzer, even liquid foundation.

DON’T- Use it for eyeshadow though, its large. This may be self explanatory but I’d hate for you to buy it and, well you get where I’m going with this.

What is your favorite drug store product? Let me know in the comments below!

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Winter Makeup Tips

The winter is beautiful & snowy. A cozy time to wear sweaters while you sip your hot chocolate (spiked or not), and my favorite, more time stuck inside to play with makeup! 

However, winter brings out the worst traits of your skin. It gets dry, red, flares up; basically your skin’s version of being a hot mess. 

The truth is that makeup can’t hide the texture & what lies beneath. Go ahead and toss out those foundations that promise moisture & healing as well. Here are the best products to keep your skin FLAWLESS, for the perfect makeup canvas all winter long. 

                       Tone Baby, Tone

Tea Tree Water Toner from Lush. I fell in love with this product when I had to run out of the house sans makeup. My skin was red and blotchy. I spritzed this beauty on my face (from my husband’s kit bag) and my redness was gone by the time I hit the car. For $10.95, it’s fantastic. Also, minimizing redness means less coverage is necessary with your foundation. Overall, a win win for more natural looking makeup. 


  Say it with me — MOI-Stur-ize!

This has been my go to product in my bag for two years now, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and it keeps my eczema at bay. Divine is by an MLM company named Younique, but their shipping is super speedy. Under $40, the tube will last you several months and it’s light weight wearing too. Bonus, it won’t leave residue that can mess up makeup. 

Moisturizing is the number one step for perfect makeup. It plays a key roll as a primer too. But what if you have combination or oily skin? Oils are usually the skin’s response to dryness (the skin’s attempt to correct it). Do not skip this step!                                                            


If you haven’t used a high quality primer, you have nooooooo idea how much better your makeup could look. It’s game changingly amazing and you won’t think twice about purchasing a quality one again. 

Winter skin, I’ll call it, can dramatically enhance the appearance of our aging face-say it ain’t so! But often times the lack of humidity and harsh air can bring out dark spots, bags, fine lines and other not so fun skin qualities. Yes, lines are beautiful because they came from days and memories, but I’d rather keep those to myself. A high quality primer locks in your moisturizer, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, helps coat dry patches, and creates the illusion of baby butt smooth skin under your foundation. It also locks in makeup, and increases wear time of makeup by up to 2x longer.

Basically, your face becomes a better canvas for makeup to glide over.

 Veil, by Hourglass, is personally my favorite product on the market. Another light wear product, it feels like satin, has light reflectors to blur the appearance of darker areas, and feels like an angel just blessed your face.  So soft. It dries to a powdery texture without the drying factor powder gives off. That makes your foundation stick way longer, and coverage increase by ten folds. It retails for $54 but a little goes a very long way. 

SmashBox Photo Finish is a close second, it has a thicker formula so you will need to use up to two or three pea sized dots just to cover your face. It feels soft and outperforms most other brands on the market. I wasn’t impressed with the other types from this line, just the photo finish. Retailing at $34, your skin will look glorious. However, if you break down cost per use, if you can, reach for Hourglass.

Follow these steps and your makeup will be glorious and natural looking. Remember, there is no substitute for skin prep and love. Your face is the most beautiful canvas and deserves it. 

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Colourpop VS BH Cosmetics:Kiss & Dismiss

I have such a love affair with red lipstick. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing; you could be dressed in a trash bag, and somehow, your red lipstick creates the illusion of class. Sort of. 

The problem is that red lips can go seriously wrong throughout the day. If it smears, you suddenly look like a ‘lady of the evening’. It’s also hard to reapply on the go, you have to apply it with precision. Entering- matte liquid lipstick.

Liquid lipstick, if you aren’t familiar, dries to create a non-transfer lip color. It is way longer lasting than traditional lipstick. It goes on like a gloss & sets to matte magic. Some perform better than others. Colourpop and BH Cosmetics are huge right now, especially due to their affordability. 

So which do I kiss and which do I dismiss? 

BH Cosmetics in shade glory has a deeper hue, and is slightly pinkish. It costs more than Colourpop, but they post some great sales. 

Colourpop’s creeper is their best shade of true red. Especially because it has slight yellow undertones, instead of blue- which can take you from classy to clownish looking in a hot minute. 

The big difference between the two are the textures and consistency of the liquids. Colourpop has a more watery formula before drying, and BH is creamier. The problem I have with BH is that it doesn’t last as long, it’s easier to re-apply, but after about 4 hours it’s flaking and crumbling off. If you reapply a third time, the whole lip starts to crumble. It’s better to just baby wipe the whole thing off and start over. 

Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks last significantly longer, about 6 hours with careful eating and drinking. You also need to work quickly with the application because you don’t want to go over an area that has already dried. It will look too thick. Don’t add a second coat, just remove the color if you need to correct an oops or redo it mid-day.

You can pretty confidently drink wine and coffee (important diet staples ..you know) with both brands, but it will smear if you rub them. So … no lovey-Dovey makeout sessions with the beau while wearing these. 

Both products oxidize and darken, the same goes with their pink shades. When purchasing a color, keep that in mind. I have a whole post ready for y’all with their other colors but that’s for another day. 

So, for the winner? It is a clear choice. 

Colourpop’s red just looks better on. Because the formula is thinner, it’s a lighter, more comfortable wear. It’s a perfect opaque coverage and color without a significant texture . 

Wearing Colourpop Creeper

Tell me your thoughts, have you tried the brand’s makeup? Would you kiss/ Dismiss? 👇🏼tell me below!

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Kiss & Dismiss Debut


                                                                   Kiss & Dismiss Debut

This blog continues to escape me, but I’m confident that now is the best time to reveal the long planned workings I’ve had banging around in my head. Introducing!!! …..Kiss & Dismiss ❤️! 

I have spent the majority of three months purchasing and testing makeup, some I buy, some were sent to me for free through companies. I hadn’t had time to video lately. If you follow me on social media, you would know that we packed up the family and moved to Boston! Unfortunately, all of my video equipment is also in storage. 

I have so many products built up that I need to scream to the rooftops about! Also, some that I caution against. So I developed the new MascaraBrat series-ta- da! Kiss & Dismiss is purely product reviews: whether to kiss them and add them to your collection, or dismiss them and avoid wasting your money on sad, sad, products.

Stay tuned, follow, & sign up for email updates! The first edition posts tomorrow(ish I’ve got 3 kids my schedule is ish)! *squeeeeee*

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